How building ATTRACTION will transform your sex life

Young man is building attraction with the woman he is dining with

Building attraction is key to having a successful dating and sex life

Did you know that when it comes to meeting and dating smart, beautiful women, there is one key, initial element that is absolutely imperative to your success? Building Attraction.

What is attraction?

Attraction is when a pretty woman with sexy curves walks by and flashes you a look, and your body reacts.

Your heart beats faster, you feel immediately excited, and perhaps even a little self conscious. Whoah.

Your physical reaction to her happens in milliseconds and without conscious thought. This bodily response is a classic example of natural attraction processes in action. It’s your neurobiological attraction circuitry firing and instantly hijacking your thoughts, feelings and actions for a moment in time.

Whether your relationships are just sexual, short-term ones, or life-long partnerships; understanding how to build and maintain attraction is the critical key to success my friend. Building attraction and keeping it. It’s that simple.

Not only do I swear this is the truth. I know it is.

If you’re a smart, shy guy with no game, my ultimate goal is to help you get this area of your life sorted out once and for all. With an understanding of attraction you can learn how to better meet, date and have freaking amazing relationships with awesome women.

When it comes to building attraction, if there is only one thing you remember it should be that:

Attraction MUST always be part of the equation.

Attraction is the feeling of desire that you have for someone, based on their appearance, actions, behaviours and/or personality. It’s a natural gut-feeling, which hijacks your thoughts and emotions, urging you to get closer and more personal with the hottie that’s caught your eye.

Often you will hear attraction referred to as ‘chemistry’, a ‘spark’ or another similar term that characterizes it as a spontaneous and powerful force of nature which brings people together.

Why is building attraction so damn important in dating?

Attraction is a powerful and natural force, which draws women to you. Physically.

Being naturally attractive to women and demonstrating your attractiveness quickly has a MASSIVE impact on the first impressions that you make with the opposite sex.

It’s like throwing jet fuel on your game and interactions with women. Kapow!

When a woman feels attracted to you, she will:

  • Want to get to know you better (aka go on a second date) – She’ll become naturally and instinctively intrigued by you. She’ll ask you questions, and be fascinated by your answers and truly interested in what you have to say, even if you aren’t saying anything that’s particularly enlightening.
  • Feel that she may want to have sex with you – For a woman to want to sleep with you, she first MUST feel attracted to you. It’s a simple law of nature. Connection and long-term compatibility may be more important to some women than others, but attraction is an absolute MUST for all.
  • Show that she’s interested in you – She’ll deliberately and/or subconsciously start conveying her interest and desire for you to take things further with her. You’ll notice her interest by the way she looks at, talks to and touches you.
  • Pay attention to you – She’ll start to notice when you are around and when you’re absent. When you talk, she’ll listen to what you say and when you make a joke, she’ll probably laugh, even if it isn’t funny.
  • Stick around – If she’s feeling attracted to you she will want to stick around, in the long run. Lack of attraction or ‘chemistry’ as some call it, is the number one reason why women don’t call back or want another date. Attraction also keeps couples together over the long-term as it’s just as important when you’re decades into your relationship as it is when you’re first meeting and dating.

Essentially, attraction is nature’s way of telling a woman,“This guy should father your children…stick with him and shag his brains out!”

This is EXACTLY what you want women to be thinking and feeling when they meet you.

Therefore, the best use of your time when meeting, dating and building relationships with women is to do everything you can to make them feel more attracted to you from the get go.

Anytime that I’m coaching guys, I always start with helping them to understand the fundamental elements of attraction and how to be and demonstrate their most attractive qualities.

Your Introduction to Attraction

I’m sure you’re sensing the area of attraction is freakin’ huge and super important.

Well, lucky you because we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

I am so fascinated by the power of attraction that I’ve dedicated years of research, field work and writing on this very subject alone.

Let me ask you this.

What would it mean for you to be able to confidently meet and attract amazing women who want to date and sleep with you?

Please email and tell us. We respond to each and every email we receive.

Building attraction will help transform your sex life