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Coffee Date and Right First Date Questions to Ask

How to Ask the Right Questions to Make a First Date Great

We are totally stoked to share another one of our articles that is being featured on Go Dates, with this piece focusing on what the right first date questions are, and most importantly, how to naturally pose them while on a date.

Honestly, have you ever been stuck in a rut of awkward or boring small talk on a first date? Have you felt unable to turn the conversation around and into something more deep and meaningful?

Has your date conversation ever dried up to the point that neither of you knew what to say next to break the really awkward silence?

You’re thinking,

Did I ask her what she does for a living? Shit, what did she say?

Did I tell her that I’m making killer coin? Did that sound really lame?

Should I ask her where she got that awesome handbag? Is that too much?

Should I ask her if she likes kids? Oh man no, she may think I want to have a baby with her.

Give yourself a break dude. All of us at some point have struggled with first date conversations and what the right first date questions really are.

It’s such a tough situation to be in because

1. You’re trying to get to know her,

2. It’s important that you seem interested in what she has to say,

3. You’re trying to make a really good first impression with her, and

4. You want to have fun on your first date to make it memorable, so you get a second one.

There is a lot going on when it comes to meeting and getting to know someone for the first time.

For years I was that awkward, uncomfortable guy on a first date. You know when the conversation comes to a halt and it seems like there are no more questions in the entire universe to ask, and the two of you are staring at one another with blank expressions? Yah that was me. My first dates rarely led to second ones.

So, this article is inspired by all of those horrific moments in time that I wish I could erase from my memory, plus the feedback that I’ve had from our readers asking for explicit guidance on exactly what to say when out on a first date with a smart, awesome woman.

Everyone seems to be looking for a blueprint of questions to use throughout a first date, so I’ve developed a list of thoughtful and fun questions to help keep the flow of the conversation running smoothly.

Check out our article on Go Dates to learn about what types of questions to ask on a first date that will pique her interest, get a giggle and intrigue her so much that she’ll want to go on a second date with you.

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