The 3 most common dating mistakes and how to avoid them

Guy makes major dating mistakes trying to impress woman

The 3 most common dating mistakes guys make when meeting and dating women

Most guys don’t know or even realize the dating mistakes they’re making.

Most guys don’t know how to get the attention and affection of women.

Most guys don’t know how to act or be confident so awesome women want to date them.

Most guys don’t realize they’re turning women off by what they do or say.

Most guys don’t get a second date because they didn’t build enough attraction on the first date to maintain her interest.

Most guys don’t realize that being friends first with a woman they want to date is a HUGE no no.

Most guys don’t know that fun and emotionally engaging conversations make them more memorable and attractive in women’s eyes.


You don’t have to be like most guys.

Let us teach you the most common dating mistakes guys make with women and HOW to avoid them.

The 3 MOST COMMON Dating MISTAKES and how to avoid them

Dating mistakes: Trying to Kiss a Girl Who isn't attracted to you

1. Getting to Know Her (Before She Likes You)

Some guys think the best way to meet and date women is by getting to know them first, and creating the sexual spark later.

WRONG! This is one of the top dating mistakes guys like you innocently make.

If you follow this pattern, you are going to fail badly my friend.

You will be labelled as the nice guy, or the ‘guy friend’, but not the boyfriend.

This means no dates, no girlfriends, and no sex.

I know this to be true because I’ve been there too many freaking times, and it sucks.

My Natural Attraction Masterclass program will guide you through the steps to meeting, and attracting awesome women who want to date and sleep with you.

There IS a proven step-by-step process to meeting and dating women successfully, and I’ll teach you it so that you too see results.

2. Turning Her Off

I bet you didn’t know that you could be turning her off without even realizing it. Seriously. Another one of those huge dating mistakes that guys aren’t even aware of.

Did you know that things like body odour and other offensive smells coming from your mouth, pits, or down there could make her run for the hills?

There are other things that’ll make her cringe too. Like if she senses you’re bragging or acting like a big shot, or if you start acting needy or come across as desperate, your level of attractiveness will definitely take a nose dive.

Not having some big goals in your life, living with your parents, and not being able to cook or do your own laundry will also destroy any significant desirability she feels towards you.

My friend, if you do one thing today, make sure it’s an audit of any turn-off behaviours that you’re showing and remove them as soon as possible.

The Natural Attraction Masterclass identifies and teaches you the top 8 attractive traits and turn-offs, while providing lessons and practical exercises on how to be more desirable to awesome women, and not be awkward when you ask them out, while enabling you to nix the cringe worthy stuff in the process.

3. Not Responding to Her Interest Quickly Enough

There is a process to building a relationship with a woman. Once you’ve built attraction, and then created a connection by getting to know her, you need to confidently, yet subtly show her that you’re sexually interested in her.

If you don’t demonstrate your sexual desire for her quickly enough, she’ll lose interest fast.

To do this, once you know she’s into you and you’ve started having some in-depth chat, you can: introduce light playful touches; look at her and hold her gaze, and when appropriate, go in for a kiss.

In the course I teach you how to know if she likes you and how to respond to her signs quickly and appropriately so you don’t miss your window of opportunity.

Through the lessons and exercises you will learn about the 3 pillars to successful relationships and how to successfully navigate through interactions, conversations and dates, so that you have more second dates, relationships and as much sex as possible.

Let’s Get You to Awesome

Changing your approach to meeting and dating awesome women is hard work. Especially if you’re a smart, shy guy like me and you. It really is.

You could try to make all of these changes on your own, but honestly you’re more likely to fail or make excuses WHY you don’t really need to change.

“If you want a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.”
Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

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