7 Reasons Why Christmas Markets Make the Perfect First Date

Christmas markets have holiday lights

7 Reasons Why Christmas Markets Make the Perfect First Date

Looking for the perfect place to go on a first date this December? Look no further than your local Christmas Market.

In the modern age of dating by personal convenience, it’s easy to forget that love needs the right atmosphere to grow and christmas markets may be the perfect place to plant the seed.

Because we’re so busy cramming first dates into coffee shops and lunch hours, it’s too easy to blame our lack of dating success on not finding the right person, instead of not being in the right space to allow the lightning bolts of mutual attraction to strike.

Rather than being stuck sat opposite one other for a coffee or meal, I always suggest going for a walk, doing an activity or seeing something together, makes for a far better first date. It takes the pressure and awkwardness out of the situation and makes it easier to keep the conversation flowing naturally, thanks to all of the cool things happening around you.

A stroll through a Christmas Market combines all of the element that make for an easygoing first date, and adds a little festive fun into the mix too.

Here’s why Christmas Markets make awesome first dates

Quite by accident, a date and I once stumbled into Edinburgh’s European Christmas Market during a walk through the downtown several years back.  It didn’t take long for the lights, sounds and mulled wine to kick in and for a giddy sense of Christmas spirit to take over. It was the perfect start to our relationship and as far as first dates go, it was an instant classic.

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