7 Reasons Why Christmas Markets Make the Perfect First Date

Christmas markets have holiday lights

7 Reasons Why Christmas Markets Make the Perfect First Date Looking for the perfect place to go on a first date this December? Look no further than your local Christmas Market. In the modern age of dating by personal convenience, it’s easy to forget that love needs the right atmosphere to grow and christmas markets…

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How to Make an Irresistible First Impression

A guy is trying to make a first impression with a woman

Why Making a Strong First Impression is So Valuable The short man’s guide to hacking natural selection. As we roll into the festive party season, it’s more important than ever that you make the right first impression and are on the top of your game when it comes to your appearance, confidence, and schmoozing with…

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The 3 most common dating mistakes and how to avoid them

Guy makes major dating mistakes trying to impress woman

The 3 most common dating mistakes guys make when meeting and dating women Most guys don’t know or even realize the dating mistakes they’re making. Most guys don’t know how to get the attention and affection of women. Most guys don’t know how to act or be confident so awesome women want to date them.…

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How building ATTRACTION will transform your sex life

Young man is building attraction with the woman he is dining with

Building attraction is key to having a successful dating and sex life Did you know that when it comes to meeting and dating smart, beautiful women, there is one key, initial element that is absolutely imperative to your success? Building Attraction. What is attraction? Attraction is when a pretty woman with sexy curves walks by and…

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How to Be More Attractive As a Short Guy

Ways to learn how to How to be more attractive as a short guy

How to Be More Attractive As a Short Guy I’m so pumped to share my latest article and FREE guide on how to be more attractive as a short guy, as featured on The Modest Man. The Modest Man is a blog run by a very cool gent and friend of mine, Brock McGoff. Brock…

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Ask the Right First Date Questions

Coffee Date and Right First Date Questions to Ask

How to Ask the Right Questions to Make a First Date Great We are totally stoked to share another one of our articles that is being featured on Go Dates, with this piece focusing on what the right first date questions are, and most importantly, how to naturally pose them while on a date. Honestly,…

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Ultimate Guide to Dating Part 2 – Planning Kick-Ass Dates

Failing to Plan Your Date Equals Planning to Fail In the previous article, I introduced the purpose of dating as an exercise in having fun and learning how to develop and then build the core relationship pillars: Attraction, Connection and Sexual Intimacy.  Now it’s time to build legendary dates. In this article, which is the second…

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Ultimate Guide to Dating Part 1 – Having Fun and Building Relationships

Having fun and building relationships through dating Phew! She just said YES. Well, to going out on a date with you at least. So now it’s time to start planning your first date. How exactly are you gonna sweep her off her feet and into your bed? If you’re new to dating, you’re probably thinking,…

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Why you need to build attraction with women, naturally

Learn why it's important to build attraction with women

How to Build Attraction With Women: Your To Do List Once I learned how to build attraction with women naturally, my relationship success and sex life changed forever. It got WAY better. Attraction is an insanely powerful law of nature which, mostly subconsciously, we all obey. There are ways in which to build attraction with women,…

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Is the best first date advice to be yourself or not?

First date advice and how to build attraction

The best first date advice is hard to find. Finding the right and best first date advice is really hard. It’s common advice to ‘just be yourself’ on a first date, but is that really the most helpful advice for you? Let’s take a moment to help you think through and correctly answer that question. Bad dating advice…

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How to Know for Sure that She Likes You

How to know that she likes you.

Be sure that she likes you Are you really sure that she LIKES you? Is she ATTRACTED to you? Does she want to HAVE SEX with you? Ever ask these questions after you’ve spent time with a woman? Wouldn’t it be so helpful if a woman just TOLD you that they like you, instead of giving seemingly cryptic…

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How to have a fun first date, every time

Couple enjoying a fun first date and having fun dating.

A fun first date equals a second Fun is almost universally undervalued and under-represented on first dates.  Too many guys and girls seem to think that the purpose of a first date is to get to know someone – when it’s really not. The purpose of any date, but especially a first date, is to have…

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The Worst First Date Mistake and How to Avoid it

Picture of a woman disappointed and having a bad first date. The man she's dating doesn't know how to date well, so he's making mistakes because he made the first date mistake

How to Steer Clear of this First Date Mistake First date impressions are so important. Avoid this common pitfall to ensure success. Crap dating advice is everywhere. It really is. And what’s worse, until you’ve done a lot of dating, especially when it comes to the first date, it’s hard to separate the good dating…

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How I Learned to Attract Women

This man knows how to attract women

How I Learned to Attract Women Let’s kick-off our journey into DateSchool by exploring HOW we are going to help you not be the person that I was for so long in the dating world. I am going to tell you all about how I learned to attract women. Yes, you heard me right. I never…

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