About Me

I teach smart, shy guys how to meet and date awesome women.

Hi I'm Rick, new-school romantic, founder of DateSchool and all round good-guy.

For the past 9 years, I've coached nice guys in the art and science of attracting awesome women.

I started DateSchool in 2014 because there was way too much (and a yet growing amount of) WOEFULLY AWFUL dating advice on the internet, which does not help and probably even harms your prospects with women. I simply wanted to cut through that shit like a Hattori Hanzo.

Through DateSchool, I live to serve nerdy but decent guys like me by helping them get to the good times quickly and easily, without wasting time, effort or heartache. Yup, you're welcome.

But I wasn't always this way.  My humble beginnings were full of stumble and fumble...

No, this isn't me, but I kinda wish it was. I'm a legend with women in a different respect.

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

I grew up as a short scrawny east indian boy in a high school in Scotland, surrounded by bunch of 6" porridge-munching rugby players that I called my friends.

But I never played rugby or any physical sports really.  My frail featherweight frame wouldn't allow it.  I was however an intellectual heavyweight.  I represented my school at chess, math and general knowledge.  You can think of me like Raj Kuthrapali meets Harry Potter, but with no Hermione in sight.

Do you think that my outstanding mental athleticism won me any attention or affection of the highschool sweethearts?

My high school buddy Chris, captain of rugby team and model for Scotch Beef

Of course not. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No matter how hard I tried to follow the moves and ideas from Hollywood moves, I had maybe one or two girlfriends at high school and certainly no sex.  I did mention that all my friends were burly rugby playing beefcakes, right? Seriously one of them even went on to model in Scottish Beef ads, no less.

I got overlooked ALL THE TIME.  And this became a viscous cycle - with no girlfriend to experience a meaningful relationship with, I went to college a complete novice, and a virgin.  My only 'game' was either video or role-playing.

"The best teachers are students first, and foremost"

- Rick, DateSchool Founder

Me at college, Mr. Friend Zone. All hugs, no kisses.

When I went to college I had one real mission and it wasn't really the degree (sorry mom).  It was to (finally) score a few notches on my bed-post.

I majored in Psychology and I read and watched EVERYTHING ever published on the topic of relationships, rapport, body language and pick up. The first thing I learned was there THERE IS SO MUCH DROSS DATING ADVICE OUT THERE. And infinitely even more now.

Nevertheless I focused my turbo-charged noggin on dredging through the materials and began to make some headway.

The results came slowly at first and not quite in the way that I expected them.


I became AMAZING at building rapport. I became the kind of guy that anyone could talk to, confide in and have a really good laugh with. Many years later I'd discover that the first relationship building skill I built was the ability to establish CONNECTION, but not attraction.

The net effect this had on my love life was that the beautiful women that I had crushes on soon surrounded me, but as friends, not lovers.

It wasn't until a few years later that I learned two fundamental principles of relationship building which COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED my levels of success with women:

  1. The power of ATTRACTION in making women naturally gravitate to me and desire me
  2. To always start any relationship with a woman I like, by building Attraction BEFORE Connection, so that I always became a woman's first choice as a partner and never once again ended up in the friend zone.

Game changer.  I say again, game fucking changer.

All of those amazing social skills that I'd built up in the years before were now being fully harnessed through the power of attraction to build extremely strong sexual relationships with women at frightening speed.

Within the next decade I racked up 10x the average number of sexual partners that normal guys do in a lifetime.  And most of these were quality relationships with truly breathtaking women, outstanding in terms of their beauty, intelligence, kindness, fun, and all kinds of delightful combinations thereof.

With this new-found skills breakthrough and love-life liberation, I had to share it with my friends and family and basically any guy that would listen, so that they too could benefit.  About 9 years ago I started professionally training men in dating and interpersonal skills and I've never looked back.

And what's the first thing that I teach my students and clients who are looking to improve their skills and results with women? You guessed it, the power of attraction (as an wonderful natural bond) and the skills and know-how to build attraction quickly.

About DateSchool

I started DateSchool in 2014 driven by my passion for helping smart guys with love, sex, meeting great women and having extraordinary relationships.

I designed the curriculum and educational approach as a stark departure for the wishy-washy and unhelpful dating advice that I had to wade through with relentless trial and error.  Mostly error. Like, shitloads of error.

My mission is simple, to save smart guys like me the time, effort, frustration and heartache involved in finding their perfect match(es).


DateSchool's approach fun, life-changing and grounded in solid adult learning principles:

  • Learning through a combination of theory and real-life experience - yes, you'll leave your house and practice your new skills on real women.
  • Building confidence with women & dating through competence and coaching.
  • Building on the best personal strengths and qualities that you bring to the table as an awesome guy already.

What can you expect from DateSchool?

How we roll:

We simplify dating - You’ll understand women and dating, clearly.

We give step-by-step guidance - You’ll have amazing experiences with women, easily.

We give tailored feedback - You’ll learn and become increasingly more awesome, quickly.

We’re legit - You'll see that our methods are tried and tested, and result in epic life-changes, permanently.

What you'll get:

Incredible results limited only by your own drive, effort and speed of learning.

Fundamental changes in what you know about women and what you believe about yourself.

Amazing interactions and awesome experiences with high caliber women.

Find more information about courses and coaching on our Courses page.

Is DateSchool ethical?

We're glad you asked...

YES. We strive to ensure that the quality and integrity of our services set us apart from other half-baked relationship advice and misogynistic nonsense that, for some reason, is so rife on the internet these days.

Our methods work. And they get great results by working in harmony with the natural sexual urges and decision-making processes which are innate in all of us. These methods are not manipulative, creepy or douche-baggy in any way.

We don’t hate on women and we’re not crude or crass either. We are rather cool and classy about the whole affair. Think about it for a second. Women, who they are, and their feelings should be loved and respected if you expect the same in return, right?

If all you want are the “ultimate pick-up lines and text messages that hypnotize her subconscious and make her want to sleep with you instantly,” then look elsewhere, and good luck with that. This service is definitely not for you.

However, if you want to understand women and relationships better and you want simple techniques, coaching and guidance on how to bring more and higher calibre women into your life, then read on my friend. You’re always welcome here.

Our benchmark is that if your girlfriend or wife ever found DateSchool material, she’d not think less of you. If anything, she’d probably take an interest in the quality of what’s being said and admire you more for investing in your own emotional, sexual and social growth, in a way that very few guys do.

You're in good, decent hands.